My Mantra: Create Your JET

Yes, I’m all about science, but I’m also a firm believer in integrating all of my passions into life. Alongside teaching and doing science I’m still playing in punk rock bands, I’m still behind the mic as a podcaster and radio deejay, and I’ve never stopped traveling the world over (although currently a pesky pandemic is standing in my way). I believe that our careers are enormously enhanced by our passions, but sadly the things that give us our spark are often dismissed as “distractions”.

I teach by example, but I am also here to offer mindset coaching and foundational tools as you create your best life.  I call this process “JET” which comes from answering the following three questions:

How do we want to live? With Joy.
How do we get there? By becoming Empowered.
What is the first crucial step to empowerment?  We must know and live fully as our True selves.

As you ascend up those steps in your magnificent life, remember to Create Your JET.