My 2nd TEDx talk shares the secret of how to level up your career

Do you feel like you have lost a part of yourself by giving up one of your hobbies? My TEDx talk from March 2021, “The Remarkable Impact of Hobbies on Career”, might be just what you need to gain a new perspective on your work life as well as your personal well-being. I’ve already received a ton of messages from people who have taken action and already feel better as a result of this short talk!

Screen Shot 2021 06 24 at 10.35.39 PM 300x188 - My 2nd TEDx talk shares the secret of how to level up your career
“The Remarkable Impact of Hobbies on Career”

What’s the TEDx talk about?

The crux of my TEDx talk stems from the fact that so many of us feel guilt when we are not spending as much time as we are “supposed to” on work. The perspective that working hard is good often causes us to devalue our full selves. If you’d like to hear more about this vitally important issue, head on over to the talk on YouTube by clicking HERE. I hope you find the message valuable!

What do you mean this is your 2nd TEDx talk?

My first one I gave at TEDxSalem in 2017 focused on my research specialty: ruthenium anti-cancer drugs. It was amazing to give it in front of a live audience of over 600 attendees! You can watch it HERE.

What other groovy stuff have you done?

You can find out more about my background in my bio.