Welcome to the Cocktail Lab experience

Ooooo!  I see the Cocktail Lab has piqued your interest!

NOTICE: Sorry, but I am booked out at this time. Please check back for open barstools at the virtual Tiki Bar!

Welcome! Pull up your barstool and settle into a fun kickback evening of sensory adventures. To get you ready, I’ll send you an ingredients list so that you have have everything within arm’s reach as we create cocktails together. I’ll also send you a Spotify/iTunes playlist

Cocktail Chem Beta Test Smiles 2 300x168 - Welcome to the Cocktail Lab experience
Cocktail Lab gathering with guests from Park City, Utah and Nova Scotia, Canada

if you’d like to submerge yourself in a vintage lounge atmosphere.  We’ll have 90 minutes together to explore flavors and have fun!  In the words of Laura Lodato, a recent Cocktail Lab participant from Maui: “I totally felt like I was just hanging out with a bunch of cool people at a bar for an evening even though it was on Zoom. Tell me next time you’re doing it and I am THERE!”

To join in a Cocktail Lab experience, you can buy a virtual barstool for a scheduled/promoted event, or purchase a bundle of tickets for your own private cocktail party.  After you register I’ll send you a list of ingredients to gather before we get together.  Email me at maketimeforscience@gmail.com to set up a day and time for private events. Most evenings are possible with enough advance notice, and I am happy to accommodate time zones from around the world.  (The true meaning of “it’s happy hour somewhere”!)  Drop-in Cocktail Lab days and times TBD.

“Professor K” (Karen McFarlane Holman, Ph.D.) fuses her experience as a chemist, cocktail enthusiast, science educator, and Exotica radio show host into this experience that she offers in small, intimate groups via Zoom.