Top Shelf Chemistry Tutoring

Top Shelf Chemistry Tutoring 300x169 - Top Shelf Chemistry TutoringI recently helped a high school chemistry student catch up on 7 weeks of content in 1.5 hours. That was a huge indicator that my extensive experience as a chemistry professor means more than just excellent teaching – it also means efficiency. My approach is not only savvy, but it’s heart-centered. I have hundreds of gushing student testimonials that led to my Professor of the Year award from the Carnegie Foundation in 2010.

I teach any and all topics in AP chemistry, general (college) chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. I do not tutor organic chemistry or biochemistry.

All tutoring is 1-on-1 and done remotely via Zoom.

This is the style that most people are used to.  We identify the exact topics that need to be covered and work through homework assignments, practice tests, etc. to enable the student to increase their problem solving capabilities.

This is a style specifically for those who desire or require asmr as a matter of preference or specifically to reduce anxiety when they are learning chemistry. As is typical for asmr, it is much slower and calming and I use a high quality microphone.

One hour $247
10-hour bundle $1997